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onsdag 27. mai 2015

Cherry smoked salmon with brown sugar

Salmon is very good for grilling. Today it was also lightly smoked using cherry wood. Was first salted and left approx 30 minutes in the fridge while the grill was prepared. Then patted dry and coated with a liberal amount of brown sugar. Used two small chunks of cherry wood for smoke that was put on the hot charcoal just before the fish went on. The temp of the grill today? Not sure. "Pretty hot".

Approx. 800 gram salmon filet coated with brown sugar.

A hot 47cm Weber kettle with some cherry wood for smoke.

Cherry smoke rising into an almost cloudless sky.

15 minutes later. 

Most of the sugar has melted off and left a beautiful, tasty glaze.

Juicy piece of fish.

This how juicy it can be after 15 minutes.

The brown sugar and lightly smokey flavour, makes this a really fine eating.

onsdag 20. mai 2015

Beer brats - again

Made these beer brats with Thuringer sausage made by a German here in Hvaler, Norway. Gøber. So really short travel for these to my grill. The beer bath is just some butter, onions and beer. Sweat down the onions a bit in butter before adding the beer. The longer the sausages stay in the bath, the more flavor it takes from the beer. These stayed one hour. Maybe a bit too short?

Some cherry wood for a touch of smoke flavor. Beer bath prepared on the side.

Smoked a while on indirect heat.

Finish off with some direct heat for nice color.

Topping up with some more beer.

Not bad. With Norwegian sauerkraut and some onions from the bath.

søndag 10. mai 2015

Spare ribs in the Mini WSM

No need to fire up the big UDS just for a small 1kg spare ribs. So the partly homemade Mini WSM came in handy today. It did an awesome job with the help of some cherry and hickory wood chips.

Lump charcoal in small pieces in the Weber Smokey Joe part of the smoker.

Just a few lit to get it going. This is Weber's small chimney.

Minion method and wood chips. This lasted for more than six hours!

1kg St. Louis style ribs.

We're smokin'.

Sprinkled with some apple juice after some time in between beers.

What to do while waiting for ribs.

Sauced with honey mustard BBQ sauce.

Looking good.

Looking even better.

Falling off the bone some places but still not too tender.

Just perfect this time.