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fredag 26. juni 2015

Ribs and sausages in the Mini WSM

Put my partly homemade Mini WSM to work again. Awesome and very fuel efficient for smaller cooks. Today the crave for smoked ribs were there again. Added some raw pork sausages at the end too. Kept the smoke temp between 110 and 120 degrees Celsius.

Approx 1kg spareribs, St. Louis cut.

Smoke from two small chunks of cherry wood. Maverick ET-733 to supervise the smoke temp.

After 4 hours.

Wrapped the ribs in foil to avoid over smoking, as I wanted to smoke the sausages as well

One small chunk of cherry wood for the sausages.

Fresh smoke...

After 1:15 hours it looks like this

Ribs were unwrapped and sauced and look like this after 25 minutes with sauce.

The Mini WSM dismantled to work as a grill for searing the sausages a bit.

Looking good. (And still plenty coals left after 6 hours).

Partly fall off the bone ribs.

So total time for the ribs were 6 hours (1:15 in foil) and the sausages 1:40 plus searing. Both ribs and sausages were awesome with a slight smokey taste. Some might like firmer ribs. Well just to take them off earlier then.