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onsdag 2. mai 2018

Pulled beef

First try to make pulled beef. Can be made the same way as pulled pork. However, as pulled pork is normally done when reaching 90-92°C internal temp, it seems beef might need to a higher temp to be "pullable". But need to check with a fork to see if it is tender and not rely only on the temp.

Got a quite small, 1kg chuck roast (Høyrygg), so used the Weber One Touch Pro Classic (57cm) and the snake method. Good for low and slow cooking. Hickory chips for smoke. The chips are soaked in water to smoulder and give nice smoke instead of just burning up too fast. Chips can be soaked over night or give it a boil and let it soak for 30 minutes. This will help absorbing more water in a shorter time. Boiling the chips will absorb approx 65% more water than just soak it in cold water for 30 minutes.

See my chips "soaking test" here:

Tried to maintain around 120°C. However after the coals got going, I had to throttle down and almost close the inlet went to get the temp down. Total time including one hour resting was 7 hours. Absolutely worth the wait!

1kg chuck roast (Høyrygg).

1kg chuck roast (Høyrygg)

The snake/fuse method. Just light one end using a gas torch. Soaked hickory chips for smoke.

Tied together to get even cooking. Seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Weber One Touch Pro Classic (57cm).

21 in the meat and 131 in the grill. And rising.

Throttling down the air intake to lower the temp.
Marked to know the position of the damper; 0% - 50% - 100%

Almost fully closed.

After 3,5 hours and an internal temp of approx 65°C, it's time to get it out of the smoke.

Adding some liquid to kinda braise it to get more tender.

It stayed like this for another 2,5 hours before it seemed tender enough.

After totally 6 hours, the internal temp was 98°C.

After checking with a fork it was wrapped in foil and rested for one hour in a 50°C oven. Make sure to keep the juices for mixing with the meat later.

Only half of the coals used.

Was rested wrapped like this.

After one hour rest.

Pulled apart easily.

Mixed with a bit of the cooking juices, this is an awesome treat! Coleslaw is optional :-)