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søndag 21. august 2016

Brisket on the offset smoker and some modifications

Today was time to try a brisket on the offset. Unfortunately I still do not have any real smoke wood so used only charcoal briquettes and some pecan chunks.

As I like to use my Maverick BBQ thermometer, I drilled a small hole for inserting a probe for monitoring the smoke temp in the main chamber. The probe for the meat, I just passed through the grease drain.

I also installed a heat convection plate for more even temp in the main chamber.

Today's setup with briquettes and pecan wood. And the heat convection plate.

This plate should now even out the temp in the main cooking chamber.

Drilled a 5mm hole for the smoke temp probe.

Smoke temp probe just above the grill grate.

The meat temp probe routed through the grease drain.

A USDA Choice brisket. Choice is the second highest graded beef after prime. (USDA=United States Department of Agriculture).

As this cut is hard or impossible to get in Norway, I bought it in Sweden where they import in from the USA.

I trimmed off some of the fat.

Also tried to trim off some of the silver skin.

Used a water pan for a humid environment in the smoker and to help control the temp.

Had a slight mishap when trimming off some fat....

Rubbed with newly ground salt and black pepper.

The electronic thermometer shows 106 degC in the smoke....

.... while the lid mounted shows 111 degC.

The temp in the smoke tower at the same time.

After 2 1/2 hours.

After 7 hours the meat temp is 83.

Two pieces of some turkey meat on the side.

After 7 hours.

After 7 hours it was wrapped in foil

After 8 hours it was done.

After 8 hours it was done.

Put it in a pre-heated thermo box

After 2 hours rest in the box.

Juicy and tender, but still kinda firm.

Maybe a tiny bit to thick sliced.

Smoke ring. Doesn't do anything but looks kinda nice.

USDA Beef grades

fredag 19. august 2016

Babyback ribs on the offset smoker

This was first try with food on the offset smoker. Got some babyback ribs. Real small ones and a bit uneven sizes. So some got a bit overcooked, even though I moved them around but guess I did not pay enough attention. But cannot keep opening the lid all the time either. This is definitely a more work demanding smoker than a WSM. But fun! Some people like to keep a water pan in the cooking chamber to keep a humid atmosphere and keep the temp down. This time I wanted to try without. Can also sprinkle them with apple juice or beer during the cook to keep them more moist or add a bit flavour. Even though some ribs got a bit overcooked, most got OK and there were no leftovers :-) The ribs stayed 4 to 5 hours in the cooking chamber before they got wrapped and put in the smoke tower in a lower temp.

Briquettes and some chunks of pecan wood for smoke.

Filled with ribs.

Have to keep moving them around due to the uneven temp in an offset.

Sampler! One of the smallest. Not bad.

Not very nice cut but nothing wrong with the taste.

As the ribs were almost done before people came, I wrapped them and rested them in the smoke tower in around 50-60 degC. Looking back, I should have put them there a bit earlier. Or used the 3-2-1 method.