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torsdag 2. juli 2015

Smokey Joe, salmon, ribeye and beer brats

Went on a three day trip to a nearby hotel here in Brazil and that meant three days of BBQ with the Weber Smokey Joe, an awesome travel buddy. So much better than the sad disposable grill so many people use. For the price of a Smokey Joe you can buy approximately 20 disposable grills. But you can use the Smokey Joe for years. And it can make real BBQ. The disposable cannot.

Anyway, on the menu these days were salmon (again), ribeye steaks and beer brats (again). The sausages I use for beer brats might actually not be bratwurst but a raw, course pork sausage. The flavour the sausages get from the beer and smoke, is really good.

Nice spot for a BBQ

Real easy to fire up with alcohol gel on a piece of alu foil under the charcoal grate

Put charcoal on top and then you have a nice fire going after some time.

Cherry smoked salmon

The salmon has been salted and left approx 30 minutes in the fridge.

Brown sugar and one piece with some mustard as well.

Smoke from a few small chunks of cherry wood.

Done after 15 minutes on direct heat.

Ribeye steak

A nice ribeye searing on direct heat. Note, charcoal just in half of the grill.

Seared on direct heat then moved to indirect heat a few minutes with the lid on.

Let the steak rest a few minutes before cutting into it.


Cherry smoked beer brats

Cherry wood, sauerkraut, grill seasoning and caraway seeds.

Set up on indirect heat for smoking. Cherry wood on the coals. Air inlet by the coals open.

Smoking. Left air intake open, right shut. Damper in lid open and placed above the food.

After 25 minutes under the lid

Over to direct heat to get some nice color.

Onion sweated down in some butter. And lime.


Caraway seeds.

Grill seasoning


Ready for a nice bath under the lid on indirect heat.

Throttled down all dampers a bit to reduce the heat. It should not boil.

After one hour, the sausages have absorbed some really nice flavours!

Sausages, sauerkraut with onions, toasted bread and mustard. Awesome!